Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The Mojo Fins and Actress Hands,
Hanbury Ballroom, Brighton, Tuesday 18th August 2004

The Mojo Fins performed well despite the obstacles - a microphone that didn't work for the first song, a smokey, enclosed venue with a horrible sound system and a loud, chatting oblivious audience. I want to hear them play somewhere where I can hear all the arrangements and the vocals. They will get better and better for sure - go see them if you can.

They have a new single out: go to - looks like they haven't put the new tracks on the webby yet, but it's worth the two pounds - I've been listening to track two, 'Not the victim' all evening so far.

Actress Hands make you laugh when they play together - you can see they really enjoy being on stage and the blatant looks of confusion on their faces as they bungle things up are just hilarious. Amazing guy on keyboards, trumpet and backing vocals (again, despite the poor sound balance) - he looked just like the Richard Haskins (?) character off Prime Suspect. Wicked!! Their encore, a song about worms, saw them swapping their instruments and all singing harmonies - a good way to end a good evening.


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