Sunday, July 18, 2004

Team Jandek

Team Jandek rules! Posted by Hello

Indeed an historic moment today winning the local pub quiz as Team Jandek with V and A. J joined us in the final round, greeting us with a wide-eyed look of surprise as we told her we had been in the lead since round two. I am still in shock myself.

Who is JANDEK? He has been described as "Jeff Buckley having lost the ability to play guitar and sing" or "Jeff Buckley post stroke" after having heard 'Living in a moon so blue' (1982). We love him!

A guide to Jandek

Jandek on Corwood (documentary film)
Worth seeing the trailer if you can't get to a screening...

The Corwood Industries Unofficial homepage

Katy Vine, 'Jandek and Me'

Irwin Chusid, 'Jandek: the great disconnect'

Douglas Wolk, 'Mystery man: the Jandek story'

God bless DEAF PRAT for the music.


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