Friday, July 16, 2004

Five to Eleven: the discoveries

Steven Pacey presenting Five to Eleven c1988 Posted by Hello

Well, I wasn't wrong.  Five to Eleven, as I remember it, was a late morning show from the late 1980s (on at, erm, five to eleven) with gentle pipe music accompanying the opening credits and some garden-type images.  I just couldn't remember what it was about.  Everyone I have asked has said, 'Huh??' when I have asked them if they had heard of it, and left me feeling a bit like I imagined the whole thing.  
Well, God bless the power of Google:  
Five to eleven was definitely on in 1988:  
It was apparently, as TV Cream describes it, a programme with B-list celebrities reading poems and short stories:  
Epilogue-type effort, but with the added novelty of being broadcast in the middle of the morning. Out-of-work thespian types, usually JOSS ACKLAND, read poems and short stories in sonorous tones.  
Joanna Lumley was guest presenter during Easter week 1987:  
Also Kenneth Branagh in the same year:  
Very Famous Person Steven Pacey (he played Del Tarrant in Blake's 7 )

And folkie Jancis Harvey:
And on my google-travels I also came across this:  
You learn new things every day in Googleland!  It makes you feel less mad and alone in the world.... sniifffffff!      
P.S. Also check this out:
One of the best and funniest websites I have seen for ages. 
Check out the 'Solar Virals'. Cheers Z for pointing me towards this!


At 11:47 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know five to eleven!! I can't think of 5 to eleven without singing the music -do do dodo, do do do do dodo, do do do do do do dodo. brilliant. It was on for five minutes and they read a poem or something and you watched it when you were ill.

My sister in Australia remembers it too.
We had a whole joke thing "what time is it?" " 5 to eleven, do do dodo, do
do do do dodo do do do do do do dodo".



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