Sunday, July 11, 2004

Quakers, Dave Allen, Damien Thorn and Potato Products

Spent late morning and lunchtime over at the hospital talking to patients and gathering requests for the 1pm show on Coastway Hospital Radio. And not a Cliff Richard request in sight!

After lunch I wandered into town to find a birthday present for M, whilst trying to restrain myself from buying things for myself. I did rather well, considering...

After spending a short time at the very friendly annual fair that I had come across at the local Quaker Meeting House, I left armed with a fluorescent strip (for cycling), a Dave Allen video (how appropriately anti-Catholic!) for D & M, my belly happily filled with carrot cake and tea, and my purse a mere £2.50 lighter. Bargain.

I love community gatherings. Especially when they involve homemade cake. Posted by Hello

I ended up buying a John Martyn album I have long desired but never got round to getting ('Bless the Weather') at Essential Music (excellent independent record shop), and Donnie Darko on DVD. I found The Omen Trilogy special 25th anniversary DVD box set for M and thought it quite amusing that I was having a day of Quakers, Dave Allen and Damien Thorn. After my spending spree I thought it only appropriate that I buy my groceries from Iceland. The potato product section is vast.

Is there a potato product that one couldn't love?? Posted by Hello

A house trip to Asda doubled my grocery shopping dose for the day (ugh!) and following a couple of glasses of wine with the housemates I flopped out exhausted and watched DVDs for the rest of the evening, waking up at 3am with my glasses still on and the computer still running... Ah! Sleepy Saturdays at home. Wonderful.


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