Sunday, June 27, 2004


It's been a very very good week for music. Hospital radio practice was particularly good musically this week (still a lot of room for improvement technically, though!).

Faultline, Your love means everything (this bloodly album finally got released)
Damien Rice, O (wow wow wow - it's been a long time since I have listened over and over again to one album on a loop! Cheers DJ A)
EST, Seven Days of Falling (really enjoying this one, particularly track 7 and the sheet-of-paper-in-the-piano-trick)
Andersen, Marshall, Tsabrolopoulos, The Triangle

The Run comes up next Sunday. I have acute feelings of both excitement and dread. I set up one of those online donations pages if you'd like to sponsor me - see
Massive thanks to those of you who have already pledged money - Cancer Research UK is a very good cause.


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