Sunday, June 13, 2004

The Wedding. After a four and a half year engagement, J & C finally tied the knot in style. We went to church, we sang, we cried, we laughed, we drank, we ate, we toasted, we danced, we ate some more, we posed for photos (tho' not for as many and J and C had to - I can't wait to see the cheek-to-cheek poses), we drank some more... Following the extensive, unnecessary and unpleasant shoe debate with D the evening before I was already feeling a little frazzled and stressed, so it was so nice to be with old friends and I quickly relaxed into the day and evening. There will be pics from the event so watch this space - I'll send you the link when they're ready.

The Day After Tomorrow

Went to see this whilst with M and A, feeling thoroughly hungover from J & C's wedding yesterday. Loved the library and nerd humour (debating whether to burn Nietzsche (sp?) books or tax law books to keep warm; the main protagonists participating in super nerdy school quiz against other schools). Special effects were ace.

I was supposed to head back to B this afternoon but got side tracked by feelings of toxicity and the lure of the cinema. It's the England v France match this evening and I'm sitting in front of my computer upstairs. Frank Lampard scored a little while ago as I heard the cheers from my brother and Dad - I ran downstairs to see the goal replayed. I don't need to watch the whole match, now, do I??! I feel like a tourist in this cultural phenomenon.

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