Friday, June 11, 2004

The Mojo Fins, Wednesday 9th June, Pressure Point, Brighton

Definitely Brighton's hottest up and coming band. To say the least. I was impressed and really enjoyed their set. Can't wait to hear how they develop. I think they have a gig on at the Komedia on July 31st. I think they'll make it to the Petra Weill show (the coolest radio show in the world, ever)very soon.

Aphex Twin, 26 Mixes for Cash (thanks for the gift voucher (Christmas 2002 would you believe it?!), P)
Lemon Jelly, (Cheers A!)
Blue States, Nothing Changes Under the Sun (Cheers again, A!)
Lhasa, The Living Road (especial thanks to Psychic P and J)
Sounds of the Limosin Vol IV (another cracker from M)

Check this out:
Libraries are such special places, man.


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