Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Lucian Freud: Latest paintings, The Wallace Collection, London

Lucian Freud is a painter who reminds me of how marvellously different paintings are when you see them in the flesh than when you see them on a printed page. Those trademark lumpy built up oils on the canvas just don't look the same when reproduced. Freud is certainly a prolific painter, and it scares me how just how productive, focused and commited someone can be. It puts us all to shame. And he's eighty-one years old. I know he's said that he always wants to be doing something new in his work, but I can't help but miss those finely detailed, glassy/watery-eyed portraits that I've seen before. These paintings, though generally technically good and definitely Freud-esque, didn't really move me as before. No detailed explanations why so far. Perhaps later I'll know. Finely crafted comments from my companions below:

"It's porno" (M)
"You can see his willy!" (D)
"..." (A)
"What's with the ugly naked people?" (Mi)

The Wallace Collection
The Guardian Profile: Lucian Freud (Jonathan Jones)
Is Lucian Freud masterly enough? (Frank Whitford, The Times)
Lucian Freud in the studio: Photographs by David Dawson, National Portrait Gallery, London

Definitely enjoyed the rest of the afternoon (Sunday) checking out the huge stash of armoury and arms at the Wallace Collection. It's intriguing how implements that are made to kill can be crafted with such love and intricate detail.

Favourite quote of the day:
"Ah, look, it's a set of torture tools!"
(M chancing upon an ornately decorated farrier's toolkit)


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