Sunday, February 29, 2004

OK, very brief and not very satisfying blog for the record...

Just had the longest chat with J about life, the world, everything. OK, well, it wasn't the longest ever chat, but it was pretty long. And we talked mainly about relationships and stuff (so maybe it was just about one aspect of life and not everything in the universe after all!). Anyhow, it makes a change from the teeth crunching usual battering Archive talk.... More later. Bed now.

Vassillis Tsabrolopoulous' 'Akroasis' is shockingly good. Started working on my first painting for over two years now. It was definitely a good accompaniment.

Choir gig at the FMH went pretty well today. :)

BTW - my first M-O talk on Thursday went OK, too, despite freezing momentarily and admitting to my audience of kindly, thoughtful and enlightened librarians that I was hugely nervous! All the talk of blogs was rather appropriate, too...

Computer still broken. :(

(Thanks, Z! XX)


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