Friday, January 16, 2004

January breaks out with my resolve to do even more this year, and everyone else is feeling the same thing, it seems. Exercises, language and driving lessons, diets, cigarette quitting, detoxing, gym joining... the world's gone Good Intentions mad. I'm trying my best to remain realistic and modest about my goals and I'm holding onto my crazy optimism and excited sense of adventure.

This week has been a struggle for waking up in the mornings, but it's marked the first days of better sleep (at last, at long last!). Choir is going really great (recording in two months' time); played guitar and sang at an open mike with Z last night (scary but good); this evening enjoyed my beginners badminton lesson (looked like a fool); and enjoyed Monday and Tuesday's adventures getting to see Lost in Translation (soaked up a mighty air of disappointment at the performance being sold out on Monday and M turning up at the wrong cinema!).

Lost in Translation: a film about friendship, I thought. Needless final scene. A combination of comedy and romance without being a romantic comedy: quite refreshingly touching. I did, indeed, laugh out loud and I also wept. The sleeplessness, sense of invisibility, directionlessness, alienation and wonderful grey-area subtle friendship were all things I identified with most. Despite the films flaws (seeing Japan as a karaoke geisha girl sushi bar with its uniformly short, blandly fashionable people; the opulence of a squeaky clean hotel; the slightly cheesy final scene), all was forgiven.

Music this week:
Flook, Rubai (amazing, amazing, amazing)
The Strokes, Is this it (head tilting)
Making compilations
Lisa Gerrard, The Mirror Pool


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