Thursday, December 11, 2003

DJs Sharp H and Russell K

Well, I'm still in the office half listening to last week's Mixing It's interview with Johnny Greenwood on the web. I'm at work late using the quiet space for some reading and planning. So far, so good. Now for a quick blog and then a trip over to the main library.

Souad Massi was truly uplifting last night. Couldn't keep me on my seat at the end. The evening started in a mad rush to get to the concert on time after work (7.30pm), only to find that there were technical problems and they weren't going to open the doors until 9pm. So P and I wandered off to seek out wine. An organic wine and truckloads of chips later, a little squiffy, we arrive back at the theatre and find ourselves chatting to the people around us. Once again, another typical evening out with P... he just can't stop himself talking to strangers! A lady whom we spotted before wandering off at 7.30 made a beeline for us while P was chatting merrily to the student at the door and I was comfortably standing face to face in silent close proximity with a lady staring blankly somewhere around me (quite an amusing space to be in; had I not had that glass of wine I probably would have felt uncomfortable, or at least would have allowed myself some more personal body space). J (we later found out her name) arrived and began telling us about the sleep she had had at her friend's house; how don't we all need friends who provide tea, a sofa and a blanket (side point - sounds like Club H to me...); how exhausted she was; how excited she was about seeing Souad Massi. We eventually tumbled into the auditorium and after I leant into the wrong man ('yeah, yeah, P.... over THERE....'), I found P the man himself and we sat in the front row. J joined us and we carried on chatting about why we liked Souad Massi, how we had heard of her, how excited we were. It turns out J works for hospital radio, loves mini disc players and does lots of interviews................ And the story goes on....... Right now I haven't the time to tell you the whole story: but it ends with meeting T (aka P.F.) in the street, studying art therapy, acquaintance of J, DJ by night, a girl looking for the Devonshire Arms, and J passing on her 'phone number for P and I's debut as DJs Sharp H and Russell K. We shall begin our training in the new year. I am so excited. I went to bed happy after an hour's chat with A, and woke up without swearing for once in a long time, feeling like today was the first day of my real life. Sounds a little pretentious, I know, but there really are days when I cry in the mornings, and today I welled up with excitement and awe. It does get better.

Right, now, time for some library loving...!

(BTW - the concert was pretty good, too. More on that some other time.)


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