Thursday, December 04, 2003

Further thoughts on this web communication thing. Different degrees of communication through different modes. Face to face: now that's big time - the best. Psychic vibes: much much less so in most cases. Telephone: nearer face to face than psychic. Letter writing: definitely nearer ftf than p. Text messaging: better than p but much nearer p than ftf than telephone or letter writing I think. Email one along towards ftf from text messaging. So that's why I go mad when people think that an effective way to stay in touch with me is through texting or emailing when we have things called telephones, pens, papers, envelopes, stamps. (Note I am referring to 'good friends' who have supposedly known me for some time and would know my preferred modes of communication. New friends and those abroad have better excuses and I am grateful and happy for anything in those circumstances). Yes there are always exceptions to my preferences, such as when email can be a relief from the intensity of the ftf contact, or a text message can be an easy way to confirm a rendez vous.

OK, I admit: I have a complicated relationship with my phone and my computer. That's why it all fascinates me so much. I could bang on and on and on about all of this but there is no time and finally I am desperate for sleep and pray the insomnia and crazy dreams don't pay me visits this evening. More words later. I'm really getting into this blogging thing but am slightly anxious about it too... Who on earth is reading all of this anyway? Why don't I just get the pen and paper out????


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