Sunday, November 30, 2003

Indeed met P for wander, what was to be the Pub Crawl Without The Pubs. Ended up actually staying in one place drinking rather copious amounts of white wine, eating garlic bread and tia maria cheesecake and chocolate sauce. On the way back home there was some staggering, laughing and drunken pictures taken in dark graffitied alleys. Before going our separate ways we stopped and talked for a couple of hours in the cold at the bottom of my hill...

Brighton festival in May? Photos/audio/blog/diary/letters/notes? Six months of my life? Projection? Wall mounted? White room/space? Computers/slideshows? ... dot dot dot...

ARCHIVE SHIVER. That's the reason why I like paper, pens, letters, diaries. I am liking this blog malarky but it ain't no substitute to the grainy paper/inky pen consummation. Visiting an archive and being in physical contact with a letter or note written by someone connects you momentarily to that moment/person in time. Like going to art exhibitions and seeing the paintings in the flesh: nothing compares.


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