Wednesday, November 19, 2003

no time no time no time...

Word. I resolved to blog regularly so I will, despite feeling desperately under pressure and somewhat stressed about getting this j.a. done. Ever wanted something so badly it makes you feel sick? Well, I feel sick...!


Anyway, lighter note - I still managed to make it to choir this evening and I'm loving it. Today we did Bill Withers' Lean on Me - made me think of J, Z, J, L, H and B recently being v demonstrative and looking after me with kind emails, phonecalls and nice dinners with wine. Much much needed tlc right now! I am happily pushing myself out of my comfort zones right now. Even improvised a line today and sang out on my own...


OK back to the j.a..... Will keep you posted (and wondering what on earth 'j.a.' actually means...).


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