Thursday, November 13, 2003

Different day at work today - lots of rushing about, frayed and stressed people, glossy speeches, photo opportunities, conference packs, chatter chatter, a busy hustle and bustle all over the place. Plus fancy sandwiches and orange juice served by people in white shirts. Aaah! Have made the most of it and taken a series of blurry art shots of the tops of people's heads from the balcony. Smooth. ;)

It's the folk choir's first 'gig' on Saturday - having only been to two sessions I feel just a little out of my depth and have an overriding certainty that I will make a complete fool of myself... which is quite nice, actually! I shall be Miming Away! :O It's so very important to look Very Stupid as often as possible! P sent me excerpts from a journal yesterday called "Responsible Stupidity". It's all about love and being extremely foolish. Aaaaah! Nice. Made me chuckle out loud on the bus on the way home yesterday.


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