Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Yesterday evening had most pleasant meal with H and J at the veggie George after rushing out of work. Got home to have a hot shower and a singsong with my guitar. Decided to leave a guitar message for A ("the answer is blowing in the wind....") and phoned my Orange Answerphone...

"Welcome to the Orange Answerphone... You have SEVEN new messages.... To listen to your messages, press ONE...."

Erm... messages from the past two weeks coming at me all at once: my phone has been tricking me and giving me *no* indication that I've been so popular... OK, three were from my Mum saying what she always says ("Hi Sandra, it's Mum.... call me back when-you-have-time-please---- bye!"), but hey. One from J, two from J, one from Z the other evening asking me where on earth I was... At least they weren't for "Barbara", the Theatre Royal box office or for Norwood Garage. I feel so special. :)


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