Monday, November 10, 2003

Feel like I should just keep blogging in my resolve to write more (having decided participating in this year would be the sure way to a nervous breakdown), but in fact I don't feel like writing much this minute.

Been getting my room to a state of habitability this evening; scribbling briefly on postcards, making a CD for N... it was going to have a kind of 'tidy up your life!' vibe, but then my mood changed and it's turned out to be a fairly quietly calm, invigorating, perhaps in some ways, stoical compilation. I remember why I like Low so much... (they managed to squeeze themselves in twice - Two Step and I Remember). I feel so so tired and happily left alone to my own devices this evening: a contrast to the manic running about I've been doing lately.

Souad Massi (Deb (Heart Broken))still sounds great; I can hear it in my head when I'm walking around plug-in-less. Started listening to Richard and Linda Thompson's Pour Down Like Silver this morning (another dusty tape from P from months ago) and trying to decide whether I like Linda's voice or not. Either way, it's irrelevant: I'll still like her more than Richard (and proudly remember sneakily consuming lots of his and his band's food and drink in Paris while he was on stage in June).

Think I'll finish on Stina Nordenstam's 'I See You Again'...


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