Tuesday, November 04, 2003

A much-loved chunky shawl: Kelly Joe Phelps, Pavilion Theatre, Brighton

This evening I skipped home all gooey and mushy... Two great gigs in the space of four days: how can this be?!

Kelly Joe Phelps has a voice that makes you feel like you’re curled up by a log fire and wrapped up in a much-loved chunky shawl. At the end of each song I heard both myself and the people around me involuntarily exhale with small sighs of "oooohhhh!" and "mmmmmmm!" Gorgeous.

Playing with 60s hair Scott Amendola on drums and elf beard Keith Lowe on bass, we were all invited to join a friendship of giggles and easy hours. They played together with fresh childlike energy, but with the sensitivity and ears of old companions. The music was always interspersed with knowing smiles, slapped thighs, stomping feet and bursts of laughter. The audience had no choice but to feel joyously part of it. SiiigggghhH! Oh lucky me!

After the gig I met up with J back from Madrid. She straightened me out and we began plans for the big D re-edit. Watch this space! Watch the pottiness take over again!


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