Sunday, November 09, 2003

Remember Shakti, Brighton Dome

Well, these musicians aren't bad, are they? Ahem...

It was such a shame I was sitting underneath the balcony at the Dome: I felt somewhat distanced from the music, like being being behind a glass wall, and everything was just too loud. But I could still appreciate their virtuosity and the wonderful ways in which they communicated with each other. 'Shabba!' (sp?)

Zakir Hussain never fails to please. I feel I could watch and listen to him for hours and hours. When he and V.Selvaganesh did their tablatalk I thought I was in a happy dream where everyone spoke in rhythmic dagadada-da-da-da-das. Bliss. I also really liked the sound of them simply running their hands along the surface of their drums - such a quiet and intimate sound. Shankar Mahadevan singing was ooooooooooooooooooooh. Even with the annoying reverb his voice was just - - - - - ! Gasp! Enough said.
U. Shrinivas played electric mandolin as a sitar, sliding along the fretboard with such ease. With John McLaughlin on his electric guitar and his electric noises I think I had to accept that I'm not mad keen on electric guitars sometimes. I went home happy, though, after hearing an elated, whistling audience and watching these five men wrap themselves up in shawls and hug each other with glee. Lovely.

Brief update on yesterday's news - met P for lunch and then went off for a walk by the sea writing an audio letter for V. It's always fun watching people watching you seemingly talk to yourself...

The evening was a mass of mess: I finally faced up to the reality of needing to do a proper clear out before I start my next phase of projects. Gave up on the chance of hearing Yiddish tango (Tangele at the Sallis Benney theatre) for this. I am still surrounded by a rubbish dump now, but as the chaos theory goes, you've gotta make more of a mess before you can tidy things up...


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