Thursday, November 27, 2003

Have been suffering from mild insomnia these days which is really beginning to impact on every little thing now... I seem to be talking to people in half sentences all of the time that don't make any sense, and then when it comes to explaining the other half of the sentence I've already lost my own interest in what I was saying and lose the energy to bother... Even at work, trying to explain to A about our subscription to Sustain Magazine was difficult: it mostly consisted of me saying "eeeeeerrrrr....." a lot. Ooops. Definitely need sleep. Soon.

Went to see O in his school play today. He played the leading role of Perseus. I was really impressed with the whole production. O delivered his lines brilliantly, including the comic ones which made me laugh. So proud to be pseudo dad figure today!

Went to choir rehearsal last night followed by a trip to the pub for an organic ale (on M's suggestion I thought the hops in the beer might help the sleeping problem). A pint and a half later and I got all earnest with A and how much the choir is doing so much good for me and makes me tingle when we get it right... Sigh! Gotta slap that yoghurt weaving tendency out of me! Afterwards I staggered back home afterwards craving chips.

I watched American Beauty again the other night. It's a film which never ceases to amaze me in its beautiful subtleties. I like the way it uses devices such as the video camera and the dream/fantasy sequences, but doesn't overdo or over-emphasise these things to undermine the overall point or to detract from the flow of the film as a whole. And the writing... ah! Still bawl at Lester's words at the very end of the film. And I found myself *really* bawling the other evening... Scary.

More later. Gotta meet M and A over from France at the Reservoir............. I'm so tired! Someone help me!


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