Saturday, November 22, 2003

Back from J's discussing php and ftp and fireworks... ooooh and aaaaaah, indeed! 8o)

Played tennis at Preston Park in the rain today. Had words with DP, too - on his way to the library (armed with experimental guitar CDs, no doubt). It started to pour, so Z and I left the park sodden but feeling healthy.

This evening my hormones have kicked in and I've just mullered almost a whole 150g bar of Galaxy. Still ravenous. Why did god design me this way?!

Watched Bend it like Beckham last night - not a fantastic film, but there were so many little grains of truth in it that made me laugh heartily - only those from immigrant families could understand, I suppose. This weekend is the start of attempting a new pace of life - a slower, restful and calm state of being... Well, let's just see...


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