Friday, November 21, 2003

phew! Just finished j.a. and kissed it good luck with all my fingers and toes and bits crossed... Time for bed now but I am so wired I think it will take some time. I think some Tess of the d'Urbervilles on CD might be needed....! What would I do without my friends for support, good advice, proofreading and cups of tea, eh? I am so blessed.

Got a gorgeously designed "Sounds of the Limousin Vol II" from M today. AhhhhH! So cheering at just the perfect time. I have been thinking of him a lot lately and how he and A are getting on in their new married life in France. And really wanting to have a bit of a natter and catch up. I don't know his address yet, so how can I send him my crazy comps?? Maaaaaan.... I'll just have to wait.

Right, off to the old webby now to at least redirect it somehow to my new webspace, although it is still in its state of construction.... ah well!


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