Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Mmmmmmm: Gillian Wearing - Mass Observation is such a luxurious object in itself: dark brown cloth covers, matt pristine dust wrapper, smooth pages. Newness: mMMmmmmm! Plus rather interesting content, too. Have discovered some books I need to read up on (Ben Highmore's Everyday life reader, for example). I'd really love to see Wearing's videos.

Mobile phone is switched off.

Yesterday I finally watched Three Colours Red and found myself deeply moved by it. Disturbingly I felt some identification with the emotionally crippled retired judge who listened in on people's phone conversations and spied on their lives, his own being empty and loveless. Sob...? Not at all! I laughed out loud. How very strange. I reckon I'll make sense of my reaction in a few years' time.

Got a postcard at work from P: Would I like to see Ross Daly at the Union Chapel next year? Need he Ask??! Drool drool drool! oooooh!

Have come to some empty-headed realisations about loss and longing on the way home along New England Street, in Sainsbury's and on the bus today. I feel sad despite all the good and exciting and wonderful things and people around me. Big Yawning Sigh of Acceptance!


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