Friday, December 05, 2003

Am in London this weekend having a bit of tlc with the family. An drove me home on his way back to Gillingham and we listened to a Divine Comedy album on the way. It was like being on holiday, looking out at the fields and singing along to the music, feeling so free and elated. I got the long awaited letter in the post today and now everything seems so much more real and touchable... and scary. All I can do now is do my best.

Ad and I went into town and as we got off the train we saw a train collide with a pigeon. There was a gentle shower of white downy feathers on the platform and a strange feeling that had the pigeon not been fast enough there would have been bloodshed and a bit more of a knock. I think the pigeon was OK but it could probably do with some client centred counselling and maybe a spot of physiotherapy for a short while.

Also received a letter from twin J today. So good to see that despite the interwonderweb there are still people out there who prefer the written pen to paper word. ahhhhH!


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