Friday, February 27, 2004

Mass-Observing from Z's room

This morning around 8.30 there was a minor car crash just outside our house. Three cars had piled into one another. I'm not sure whose fault it was but the front of the car in the middle seemed to have got it the worst. Anthropologically interesting to watch and gague the reactions of all three parties as they emerged from their cars. Car passenger from the car at the back (male) clambered out sensibly armed with pen and paper to swap phone numbers whilst the driver pulled into the kerb, and driver from the car in the middle (male) emerged ready to talk. Male and female from car in front (slightly dented at the back) had driven on a good 100m before pulling into the pavement, waited for a short while, then emerged from their vehicle, looking angrily expectantly towards the other two parties busily engaged with number swapping. After a short time of using a mobile phone and shouting at each other, they walk hastily uphill towards the other drivers and start aggressively shouting at the other two. Marvellous. Who needs TV?

No one has knocked on the door of the massage parlour as of yet. My name is Michael Paine. And I am a nosey neighbour.

This is what you usually say to someone when they are choking. Or what I have been saying to myself lately as I have felt a great urge to stuff myself with junk food and not stop. Forget the porridge, pass the chocolate. And lots of it.

My Poorly Computer
My computer is broken (hence sitting in Z's room blogging). The poor thing is poorly. On Wednesday night before leaving home for choir rehearsal it decided it wanted to make rattle and crunch sound effects and then freeze. Since then it hasn't wanted to play. A said "it sounds like the boot sector is corrputed because a drive head crashed on the disk..." To us non-geek-speakers, it provided little comfort. But now, thanks to A, I know what I need to do. Here's step one:

"Modify the WinBootDir entry in the Msdos.sys file to point to the correct location of the Windows folder"

That's as far as I have got after a few hours last night and three hours this morning........ siiiiiiiigggggggghhhhhhhh! :(

Flook, Komedia, Wednesday 25th February 2004

amazing amazing amazing Amazing AMAZING.

How could you not have a crush on all of them?!! Better than Boyzone.


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