Saturday, February 21, 2004

The past week has been luxurious:

Personal post this week has been magnificent! Latest Songlines with the usual freebie CD, Natalie Merchant CD from Amazon, postcards from P (the usual perfected handwriting) and HS, and today a present and postcard from L (Manu Chao's Esperanza)... Fantastic.

Had the most dripping off the wall dazzlingly handsome man come round to the house to explain the local recycling scheme on Tuesday. Housemates and I bundled onto the sofa with glee.

Good evening with old friends L, H, J, and J and sister E, A, M, L, J and M at the pub for a meal and a drink. Seeing old friends always happily reminds me that I'm loved. ; )

Saw Six Feet Under for the first time ever at W's on Thursday. And now I want to see more. Bit of a bugger when one doesn't have a television...

Yesterday had an interesting game of badminton with B playing with our left hands and generally being very lazy. Didn't even push out a bead of sweat... Then in the evening went to a gorgeous restaurant with J's family: the pristine plates had sauces drawn on them.

Tonight: Oumou Sangare at the Dome thanks to D.

A lazy, happy life for me! : ) Hooray.

Oh, and this morning was the first hospital radio training session. Rule no 1: don't mention death. Or pain. Or hot cross buns.

Natalie Merchant, 'Motherland'

Random Thought: Isn't it annoying that laundry day always seems to creep up so quietly and suddenly?? Lack of pants is most irritating... : -P


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