Thursday, April 01, 2004

"Poisson d'Avril!" - Childhood foolery

It really makes a difference not having an operational computer at home. No words from me since March 13th. Have developed strange liking for physical exercise and pubs. Also working on feeling less pukey before giving public talks. How nice.

The past weeks have been really productive, busy and enjoyable. Work has been a mixture of intense excitement, nervousness, stress, despair and elation. As usual! Did my first teaching session about using M-O material for research purposes to a group of 2nd year undergraduates, and organised and gave a talk to the M-O Friends. Have been working my knuckles to the bone preparing for the forthcoming "What did you eat today?" exhibition, and I really hope all will be well.

Spent the weekend before last in London running into the city each day for pleasure events that somehow inevitably curved towards my M-O obsession... (Documentary Art of the 1930s and film screening at Tate Britain; Humphrey Spender photos in the 'Circling the Square' exhibit at the NPG; Local history fair at Croydon Archives and meeting the Archivist and Head of Museum).

When I found myself wide awake at 5am on Sunday morning scribbling down ideas for work I understood the unhealthy work-life balance that D was warning me about on the Thursday before...

Virginia Rodrigues, Queen Elizabeth Hall, 18 March
Virginia Rodrigues has a voice like warm toffee - an sweet, sticky voice of gorgeousness. She sings with such ease (though her ability to walk in those huge shiny platform shoes doesn't quite compare... ahem). Not so keen on the venue, but had a lucky front row seat. What a treat! Her band were really good. I think I am finding myself drawn towards percussionists in a big way. Really beautiful tonal playing. Just like the percussionist from Labyrinth...
Michael Church review in The Independent

Ross Daly and Labyrinth, supported by Chris Coe and John Adams, Union Chapel, 21 March
Well well well well wow wow wow. What a building! What a band. WHAT A GIG!!!!!!! Fantastic. Speechless!
Chris Coe and John Adams were also incredible.

Lambchop, Brighton Dome, 22 March
Ho hum, this was OK...
Alexis Petridis review in the Guardian

London Philharmonic Orchestra, Brighton Dome, 3rd April
Benjamin Britten - Serenade for Tenor, Horn and Strings and Gustav Mahler - Symphony No.10 in F sharp minor - my comment on Mahler's first movement: "holy s---!" (big thanks to D for the tickets)


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