Saturday, March 13, 2004

Brief sleepy thoughts on a borrowed computer...
Wow: the weeks are slipping by so quickly.

Last Saturday 6th March: Bill Frisell and Djelimady Tounkara with Greg Leisz, Jenny Sheinman, Sidiki Camara at the Dome, Brighton.

Exquisite. I was the first on my feet for a standing ovation. I love Bill Frisell's understated stage presence - he lets his playing speak for itself; by delightful contrast, Djelimady Tounkara was on his feet, gently smiling and encouraging the crowd (without verging on that awful, annoyed desperation that sometimes happens at these sit-down gigs). I've waited so long to hear BF, and now I have. ahhhhhh! Happy me. Ran home to pick up J and prepare for WBR's Eastenders housewarming where I spent the evening staring at the large breasts of "Peggy": a girl with small clothes pegs affixed to her top around her generous cleavage. Wonderful.

Last Friday and today were, as M describes it, crafted "origami days". I packed as much in as possible. Today was my second go at kangoo - S introduced me to the phenomenon that involves weighted, springy boots and aerobics moves to upbeat music. Definitely a sight to behold: me and my unfit, malcoordination in giant boots, bouncing and squeaking in a room with other women, trim, fit and well rehearsed. Gorgeous.

Following kangoo was a trip to the supermarket, discussing the merits of the different brands of fruitloaf with an elderly lady. Only two weeks ago did I discover the joy of fruitloaf and I feel like my childhood was deprived. So far, Warburtons is a winner. (Didn't really dig the Soreen maltloaf). Then a leisurely lunch, a trip into town to get walking boots (yes, this girl really is becoming enthusiastic about physical exercise... be afraid), then another quick stop at home before badminton, Michael Clarke's 'Oh my goddess' at the Dome, then the Marlborough Theatre to just catch L play guitar and sing "Fuck off fuck off fuck off fuck off" in her punk band and top the night off with a large gin and tonic. Origami, indeed!

Michael Clarke's dance pieces were amaaaazing. Definitely, definitely makes up for all the many dud contemporary dance events I have been to. And there were numerous. Wow. Such a visual pleasure, and more than admirable stamina and athletic ability. My body feels weary just thinking about it. Great costumes, too. Every member of the company: fit and gorgeous. Wow. Wow. Wow!


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