Sunday, May 30, 2004

Bonjour banque vacation weekend!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Have been housesitting for S with J this week in a gorgeous self-built house on the outskirts of Brighton. It's a little inconvenient to get to compared to my present home location, but it's worth it to get some peace and quiet, nice hilly views and some proper rest. The children knock on the door at frequent intervals to come and say hello and discuss Ali G, and then we're left alone to watch TV and sample the wonderfully eclectic range of CDs.

I started my jogging training proper today. I was out for half an hour, running for four minutes, walking for two, running again and so on. I was really knackered by the time I got home. I think it may take some time for me to prepare for July 4th...

Pedro Almodóvar, Spain 2004
Film requiring some level of concentration difficult for a Saturday evening after some wine and a satisfying meal prepared by the lovely W. Thoroughly enjoyed the eye candy aspect of this film, and noted the interesting lack of 'ick' factor regarding the old-man-young-boy-man theme.

Hal Willner's Came So Far for Beauty Saturday 22nd May, Brighton Dome.
Laurie Anderson, Nick Cave, Jarvis Cocker, The Handsome Family, Kate and Anna McGarrigle, Beth Orton, Linda Thompson, Teddy Thompson, Martha Wainwright, Rufus Wainwright...
Special guests Perla Batalla and Julie Christensen
Music Director Steve Bernstein
Kid in a candy store. I felt like a small child watching the Royal Variety Performance only with Nick Cave instead of Bobby Davro. What a treat! I thought Martha Wainwright's performance was wonderful.
Was moved by Linda Thompson's uncomfortable stage presence and the way her son gently hugged her at the end of their duet: she had come on stage after the interval sans the sparkling silver jacket she had worn in the first half, telling the audience she had felt like a "Fat Elvis" when someone backstage (Teddy?) had made a comment about the jacket. Her performance throughout the night was unsure, tentative, unsteady, but lovely. I feel different things towards Linda Thompson the person and Linda Thompson the performer. Strangeness, overall.
Beth Orton should have been told that knee high tights shouldn't be worn with short dresses and gold shoes. A definite No-No. After the show following two hours of queueing in the cold, in the Spiegel tent, I brushed shoulders with Beth. Well, actually, I deliberately 'nudged' her as I passed her... I don't think she spilled beer on her dress, though.


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