Friday, May 07, 2004

News in brief - I am feeling too ill to go on Exhausted, and full of the cold.

Walk from Bosigran to Sennen, approx 40km and not a blister in sight... smug smug smug!
High point: realising I was on a mini bus with Keith from The Office.
Low point: trying to get to sleep at 1am for the long day at work ahead.
Quote from the weekend: "Are you the farmer?" Typical.
Album of the weekend: Iam, L'Ecole Du Micro D'Argent. Genius.

"What did you eat today?" exhibition launch on Tuesday went really well. Good crowd, smooth operation.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Surprisingly moving. Winslet and Carrey were rather good; Carrey didn't go OTT. I was moved. Some nice (but subtle) Gondry filming, too.

Jolie Holland, Thursday 6th May, Brighton Pavilion Theatre
Why did she leave the Be Good Tanyas?? Would somebody tell me, please? A truly gifted musician with a Voice, but at times lacked much wanted variation and depth. Great jazz drummer Dave Mihaly played tonally (sp?) with sensitivity and deftness. Brian Miller strummed nicely but didn't to my ears do anything spectacular. The whole outfit seemed to be oozing with potential but never quite made the mark. One or two songs were rhythmically and melodically interesting, but the faves (and the ones requested) were Be Good Tanyas hits (The Littlest Birds, Lakes of Pontchartrain). Telling, huh?

Away, to bed, to bed!