Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Lovely day with A yesterday. Drove back to Brighton in the morning laden with excessive packets of noodles from my ma, had a couple of bacon sandwiches (sorry everyone, I am an omnivore!) at the EG cafe and then headed off to Seven Sisters country park where we met Bob Hoskins and asked him to take a photograph of us. What a guy. And wasn't he just the best in Twins? It's one of my favourite films of all time. I wondered why he looked so blank though when I asked him about working with Arnie.

After a pub lunch and a gin and tonic at the Golden Galleon we headed to Eastbourne and discovered House of the Dead III. Bloody brilliant. Compared to House of the Dead II the risk of RSI is far greater, but the guns are way cooler. Big, fat guns with proper reloading of the barrel, too, with that very satisfying chuk-chuk sound. Ahhhh! Makes me feel like a gaddam hero.

More gins later, some pebble throwing (unsuccessfully making use of the 'skimmy stones') and some more House of the Dead, and we were ready for tea and chocolate brownies. :) What a day!


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