Friday, July 30, 2004

Derek Bailey, wine, hip replacements and death

Derek Bailey, Min Tanaka, crickets and cicadas, Mountain Stage (Incus Video II, 1993)

Do you ever get the feeling you've witnessed something really special and especially unexpected?  I did on Tuesday evening at PRAT's at the long awaited Baileyfest - it was an evening that reminded me of just how invigorating I find sitting with friends, listening to music together, talking about crazy music, watching videos, drinking wine and discussing hip replacements and death. 

I watched improvisational guitarist Derek Bailey knock about on his acoustic guitar on a small wooden stage with Min Tanaka, revered Japanese butoh dancer moving spasmodically and freely on a lush green mountain at Hakushu Art Camp in Japan.  They were accompanied by very loud cicadas, crickets and the occasional wail from a child, which became part of the experience.  It was absolutely mesmorising.  I was transfixed by both Bailey's sounds and Tanaka's movements in that environment.  What a video!!!

Of course there is the fear (on the part of the people I live with) that horribly tuneless music will become my new love...  Who knows, lately I keep playing that Jandek album and I still haven't quite figured out why I am so compelled to replay it.  Be afraid!  The Baileyfest was brilliant.  Love and thanks to PRAT and A for looking after us so well and providing the 'tunes' and the superb company.

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