Monday, November 22, 2004

"A sick musical mind": Danny Thompson and Darrell Scott
Pavilion Theatre, Brighton, Thursday 18th November

Danny Thompson (Darrell Scott crouched behind)

Darrell Scott describes Danny Thompson as having a "sick musical mind". Perhaps it's true. Danny Thompson has played with everyone, on so many albums, he's got to be sick, it's unfathomable. And he comes across as this very down to earth, funny and friendly bloke who has both generosity of spirit and unending passion for music. He is just so at one with his bass Victoria.

Darrell Scott is a warm and wonderful guitarist and singer. One of the few voices I can really listen to and take in the lyrics. What a storyteller! What a musician with maturity and a very lovely sounding guitar, indeed.

Thank you, Danny and Darrell - you made my evening!


At 2:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This photograph clearly represents a breach of the terms and conditions of the ticket purchased from the Brighton Dome - 'Photography, video and sound recordings are strictly prohibited. Anyone in breach of this condition will be asked to leave.'

Consider this your one and only warning Miss Sandra 'Linda' Koa Wing to cease and desist from this behaviour immediately. You're on our manor and we've tumbled your game!


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