Tuesday, November 09, 2004

You might be a badminton fanatic if...

You play more than three times a week.
You own more than two rackets.
You would rather play Badminton than go on a date.
You have (or would like to) set up a Badminton net inside your house.
Your primary requirement for a boyfriend/girlfriend is their Badminton game.
You only take jobs that fit into your Badminton schedule.
You plan your vacations around Badminton.
You actually do more than one hour of Badminton drills a week.
You own more than two Badminton books.
You give up your Friday nights to play badminton.
At parties and get togethers you compare and try to outdo callouses with friends.
You "chasse" instead of walk.
You know all the shuttle speed codes from all the different manufacturers.
Your racket arm is noticeably bigger than the other.
You dislocated your shoulder while playing badminton.
When someone mentions "single", you thought of badminton instead of a marital status.
You wish you lived in Malaysia or Indonesia.
You learn Danish so that you can read online Danish badminton news.
You always have a stockpile of more than half dozen tubes of shuttles at home.
You have a shuttlecock as desk decoration.
You can do backhand smashes.
You can do overhead backhand smashes.
You have a preferred stringer who strings all your racket(s).
You keep trying to play the perfect jump smash.
You play in four badminton clubs so you can play afternoons and evenings in the weekend and every night of the week.
Your friends call you a BAD nerd
You meditate during spare time to think about strategies and techniques.
You have dreams about badminton tactics and techniques.
You are nodding your head and agreeing to many of these.
You love your rackets so much you start giving them names like "Lulu" and "Bam- Bam"
You leave work early so that you can get to your club early enough to get some singles in with other keen players
You get in trouble with your boss for spending too much time surfing the intern et looking for cheaper shuttles and rackets
You buy a pair of jogging pants and discard the Nike logo by stitching 2 Y's (Yonex) over it.
You buy Adidas products only because the logo looks like a shuttlecock.
You ask anyone you meet who is Chinese, Korean, Malaysian or Indonesian if they play badminton
You logged onto badmintoncentral.com and cut and pasted the “You might be a badminton fantatic if…” webpage into your blog on a Tuesday evening – a rare occasion when you weren’t playing badminton…


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