Friday, March 30, 2007

extreme tiredness

Hello. Just checking in with you all. I've been so so so so tired this cycle - sleeping is the new cool. I do it a lot - mostly during the day. Annoyingly, I've had some restless nights - I think the anti-sickness steroids I've had to take are to blame.

I did have a good birthday on Saturday, inbetween sleeps. PP and I had mini Victoria spongecakes to celebrate. I've really enjoyed opening your cards and presents over a nice extended period of days when I've had the energy - thank you all so much for bringing cheer to my sleepy days. X


At 9:51 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

This is my first ever post to a blog. I was a bit worried, but luckily they support a Google account to sign in. So after only giving my Google username, password and my credit card number and pin I can comment and say:



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