Monday, March 19, 2007

bowel cancer information

OK, so only now am I only vaguely starting to feel ready to find out more about my illness. I think this is only thanks to all the love and support I get from PP and my family (my in-laws as well as biological), and also from having counselling sessions with the Macmillan nurse counsellor and also making a new friend in L who has breast cancer and is of similar age to me with a good perspective on life and good sense of humour.

I also wonder whether you, my friends, are feeling ready to find out more, too, or whether you have already been looking things up. I think I will point you in the direction of a few relevant sites that might be useful:

Cancer Backup is a very useful site with good information. There's also a section about 'Talking to someone with cancer' that you might find helpful. For me, the part about keeping in touch is great - I love your cards and letters, and as before I still prefer these to emails or phonecalls as they are less disruptive to both PP and I.

Macmillan Cancer Support have an excellent website. You may already know that Macmillan are a brilliant organisation. They have helped me, PP and my family from the time of my diagnosis to now: the brilliant colorectal cancer nurse specialists MD and KD whom I am still in touch with; the district team based at the Martlet's Hospice (LC the Macmillan nurse is brilliant, and so is my complementary therapist MC); and the Macmillan nurse counsellor AA based at the Sussex Cancer Centre. Without these people's support I'm not sure I would be coping that well.

Beating Bowel Cancer have some useful links. I'm hoping to be part of their national patient voices group.

Bowel Cancer UK are a campaigning organisation for improving bowel cancer care and raising awareness.

Cancer Research UK are probably the most well known cancer charity in the UK. Their website is also packed with useful patient information. You may remember my blog entries from summers 2004 and 2006 - the annual Race for Life is an all-women 5km fundraising run. I know KW, LW and VC have signed up for this year's run. Perhaps others might, too? There are other runs and fundraising ideas for the other cancer charities, too.


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