Saturday, January 01, 2005

Who'd buy any of this crap?

January sales. Healthy leisure pursuits seem to be few and far between in the Croydon land (am I just not trying hard enough?). I think we have visited pretty much all the large shopping centres in the vicinity now and the novelty has long since worn off. I have wandered glazed-eyed through shiny, fountained indoor malls, soaked myself in expensive and pungent perfume, contemplated murdering my fellow shoppers, and had a good feel of the wigs in Allders.

"I'm looking for a pirate memory game..."


But it's all been worth it to find that very special purchase that comes perfectly packaged in the form of a box set...

Wayne's World 1 & 2: the complete epic

Life just got so much better!

I note that D.E.A.F. P.R.A.T. has also been to HMV:


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