Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Maybe one day I'll get the pony, too...

I phoned DP (now aka Sue) at around half eight last night to let him know I wasn't going to drop by. And he said, 'That's OK. I'm just watching a documentary on Keith Jarrett on Channel Four, actually...'


There are times when I really wish I were better informed, that I had a TV and a video recorder, that I read the Radio Times, that I would telepathically know at least a few minutes in advance when a documentary with one of my musical heroes would be on terrestrial TV, that I had a pony, and a Yonex T-shirt, and a laser. But who needs all that stuff when there's your Mum to dash off to tape the last half hour and someone who just listens well with a thoughtful head and tapes the whole thing just for you??

Siiiigggggggggghhhh!! Thank you, P, and thank you, Mum!


At 3:05 am, Blogger s said...

Text message from my dear brother M earlier:

Yea i saw the jarret thing. Rubbish

You can always rely on M to be an honest philistine!


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