Thursday, May 05, 2005

Wainwright Leg: Martha Wainwright, Komedia, Tues 3 May

You may recall I spoke of my Dufus-leg experience in March at the Islington Academy. Well, Doof's sister Martha was just as difficult on the calf muscles, if not worse. I like the way she sings with total abandon, and there are times when I felt genuinely moved, but she writes songs that suddenly end just as they are about to go somewhere. Yes, you're quite right in thinking it's just like those teenage angsty songs you write when you're like, in your teens! PP expresses it well when he describes the geeky heckle of 'modulate!' as being somewhat appropriate in these circumstances. We left early, in hobbling haste, to the continuing sounds of Martha-blandness.

Another blurry Wainwright photo


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