Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Heat magazine moments

Last Saturday PP and I got in our hotel lift to be joined by a short haired, greying man in a black leather jacket. He looked like a jazz musician. Actually, he looked like jazz saxophonist Andy Sheppard. In fact, he was Andy Sheppard! (Given that we were bang in the middle of the Gateshead International Jazz Festival I guess it wasn't really that surprising...) I resisted the temptation to declare, 'You Are Andy Sheppard' as not only would that be stating the obvious, but given that I lacked any kind of truthful follow-up line ('You do good jazz/I like your saxophone/my, your hair looks pretty/where did you get your leather jacket/you can go up and you can go down but you can't go sideways/nice/have you ever met Jackson Jeffrey Jackson?'), I thought it best to keep my mouth tightly shut. We trooped out of the lift in knowing silence.

Later that afternoon we caught Andy hanging out by the bar at the Sage with beers and fans. Here is the 'Caught on Camera' photo which I'm considering sending to Heat magazine. They're sure to use it, don't you think?!

Andy Sheppard having a beer at the Sage, Gateshead


At 7:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What you really meant to say was "Why have you been playing the same solo for the last ten years???


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